Cost & Savings

The stainless steel solution is a financially competitive solution and particularly so over the long term. It enables better control of the swimming pool’s construction costs – due in particular to the prefabrication process – but also substantial reductions in routine operating costs such as repairs and maintenance: factors that are assuming increasing importance for the local authorities and management companies that operate pools.

Savings On Foundations

Compared with traditional construction, the low dead weight of a stainless steel pool offers the advantage of being able to reduce the foundations in the case of a new build or of not applying additional loads to existing foundations in the case of renovation. Reduced weight and footprint enable cost reduction.

Reduced Build Time

Very little time is required for the erection of prefabricated stainless steel pools.
Stainless steel as a material enables swimming pools to be assembled at low temperatures, during the winter months. The construction or renovation of a pool can therefore take place between two swimming seasons. This is all extra operating time from which to benefit.

Operating Savings

Compulsory annual shutdowns are considerably curtailed and operation extended accordingly. Purchases of cleaning products and disinfectants are reduced, as are water and gas bills.