Site Cleanliness

All of the stainless steel components are factory prefabricated for assembly and welding on site. This dry construction process enables site nuisance to be reduced: less dust, less waste, less noise, less heavy vehicle traffic, etc. Generally, less concrete is required for the foundations. For the workforce, factory work is safer and less arduous than site work.

Reduced Consumption

Water consumption is reduced due to the absence of leaks. Consumption of maintenance products is also reduced and disinfection and recycling of the water are facilitated. Overall, management of the water function is optimised.

A Hygienic Material

Stainless steel is a naturally hygienic material; it is inherently inert with regard to the environment and this property is beneficial in the conditions applicable to use in a swimming pool. Whereas in traditional pools the large number of tile joints and the porosity of the materials employed multiply the risks of bacterial growth, the surface properties of stainless steel plates and the method of joining the various parts greatly limit this occurrence.